Differences between deep tissue and sports massage

Spa compositionMassage therapy involves manipulation and stimulation of skin and muscles. There are several ways and methods to doing that. Two of them look very much alike, that’s why we decided to compare them and show you the difference. Knowing that, will help you choose the appropriate massage for your needs.

You may have heard people using the terms Sports massage and Deep tissue massage for the same procedures, so let’s see the similarities and differences, and check, if they are the same.


First of all, they both affect the deeper layers of muscles in the body, feel good, improve posture and help prevent injuries before an event.


The big one here, is the participation of the patient. In deep tissue massage techniques, the therapist moves the limbs of the client in order to access a certain muscle, or get a different angle of approach. In sports massage, however, the therapist may only include a stretch. On the other hand, he may ask you to fire your muscles during the massage for better results.

This is especially beneficial, if you want to increase the length of your muscles. You have to actively use your muscles while stretching with a therapist. It increases the power of the muscle as well. Shortened muscles are less powerful and can influence the posture of the body. Sports massage is for those, who want to be competitive in a sport, or expect the most from their body.

Sports massage is not as relaxing and calm as deep tissue massage. Even the background music for sports massage is a bit faster, in order to keep the client alert and active. It is mandatory for athletes before an event.

All in all, a good sports massage stretches the muscles and promotes good body structure. Healthy muscles allow for a healthy posture.

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